Lesson 3 - Tech

1) Check your grade on schoology! If you have less than a 50%, you are failing! If you have greater than 75%, you've got higher than a 3! 

2) Make your own video today!** Youtube video editor is a good place to get started. Make a video about one of your classes that is entertaining and smart. Teach someone who's watching your video about what you're learning in one of your classes. You will be graded on this! You need to have a video added to your blog before the end of class today!

Your goal for today is to be a producer instead of a consumer. Producers make stuff, consumers use stuff. I want you to produce your own online video, and add it to your blog. Make a video (produce it) instead of just watching other people's videos (consuming).

https://www.youtube.com/my_webcam - To record your video
http://cameroid.com/snap.php - To take pictures
https://www.youtube.com/editor# - To edit your video