Lesson 1 - Independent Project

You're on your own now.

You'll never get ready for the Tour de France if you're always riding a bike with training wheels.  

Your job from now till the end of the year is to learn on your own. 

I've told many of you for the past two years that my goal is for you to not need me. Now, at the end of the year, you need to show that you're ready to spread your wings and fly on your own!

Want to go to a great college? Get straight A's at an Ivy League University? The people who go there aren't the smartest, richest, or the best test takers. Sometimes, they're not even the kids with the best grades. The people who go to the best schools are the people who love learning the most. 

We all know Mr. Maxim can give you a very structured assignment. Something like this, with examples, rubrics, models, tons of resources, etc. 

Now, you're getting none of that structure.

Pick one. Work on it. Grade yourself. Do something amazing. There's really no due-date. 

Learn as much as you can. Not because there's a test, or I'm grading you, or because you have to. Do it because learning cool stuff is fun.

This is how Mr. Maxim likes to learn. Stuff like this. Or other stuff like this. And I'm probably the smartest person you know.

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