Lesson 1 - Technology

Your goal for today is simple: Create an engaging blogpost about one of your classes at IAL. Either math, Social Studies, ELA, or science. 

An engaging blogpost is seemingly simple, but actually tough. How will you write something that makes people want to read it? What sort of language will you use? How will you make sure you tell them what you're going in that class? How will you make yourself sound smart and fun at the same time?

Normally, Mr. Maxim will give you a bunch of examples on how you should write. Remember this assignment where I showed you exactly what your essay should look like? On this assignment, you've got to be creative, independent, and unique. There's no example. I want you to be yourself!

Your task for today is to create a blogpost for one of your classes.

If you finish early then you should post about another one of your classes. Have you created a post for all four classes?