techCaptain - Ideas for Technology at IAL in 2014/2015

I can help IAL in three main areas, in regards to technology: 1) content creation and management, 2) teacher coaching, and 3) teaching students. Below, you will see how I can specifically help in each of these three areas.

Content Creation and Management
Teacher Coaching
  • Coach teachers on implementing google forms in classroom for ongoing assessments. (I've made a lot of forms this year, see an example here).
  • Coach teachers on new google classroom for managing assignments through drive and docs. (I've made many assignent through Google Docs this year. (Here's an example of an assignment, and here's an example of some student work).
  • Coach teachers on building and maintaining class websites for students and parents, just like my website that you're using now!
  • Coach high school teachers on creating websites with all assignments and lessons available 24/7 for students from home or school.
Teaching Students
  • Push into classroom and teach students and support teachers to become proficient with CPUs and google edu suite.
Other Long-term Goals
  • Content creation - It is possible to create a master grade book through Google forms that automatically collects each Google form assignment. These assignments can be tagged with CCSS's, and then the grade book can automatically collect and track student grades on each standard. (Here's a preview of what a graded assignment looks like). 
  • Teaching Students - Teach programming class.
  • Teacher Coaching - Coach teachers on using "flipped" classroom model.
  • Connect to edtech community and bring best practices to IAL.
  • Create IAL tech blog showcasing tech use in classroom and promoting possible new applications