Extra Credit

Extra Credit assignments for the 2014-2015 school year are not yet available. Check back often to see what is available! 

Below, you can see what sort of fun assignments students could do in the during the 2013-2014 school year. These assignments are not for 2014-2015. They're only so that you can see some of the fun things kid have done with Mr. Maxim in the past. 

There will be some new, fun assignments soon!

Mr. Maxim's extra credit assignments are due anytime. That means you can complete them today, tomorrow, this weekend, January, or June. You can complete them anytime, and still get extra credit! See below for a list of the assignments you can complete. The most recent assignments will be listed at the top.

Restraint Comic

The new assignment is up at pixton.com. It's about "restraint". If you need your username, click the link here.

Bullying Comic 

Go to the Pixton comic website and create a Bullying Comic. The details of this assignment are all in the "Assignments" area of the Pixton website. Click here to go to Pixton.com. If you forgot your Pixton username, click here. Remember, you password is inwood. When you finish your comic, make sure you hit "save and submit".

Scootpad Practice 

Head over to scootpad.com and do some practice assignments! If you need your username, click here. Remember that everyone's password is inwood. Any of the practice assignments (math, reading, or spelling) count for the extra credit. You can get rewarded with LiveSchool money for completing this assignment. Click on the "Rewards" button at the Scootpad website to see more details about how to get that $100.