March 10, 2014

posted Mar 10, 2014, 4:18 AM by Jeff Maxim
While still reading Esperanza Rising, we're going think more deeply about how to write compare and contrast two people, events, or settings in a story.


  • I can compare and contrast two settings in Esperanza Rising by drawing on specific details from the text.
  • First, we'll review an important lesson about how to answer the question. This is the A part of a RACE answer. Mr. Maxim will go over this with you in class, but you can review that minilesson here.
  • In class, Mr. Maxim will help you understand what goes into a good compare/contrast answer. If you want to take another look at the example answer he showed in class, you can see it here

Today's assignment

  1. Here's the assignment for today. 
  2. Since today's answer will be pretty long, Mr. Maxim recommends that you first type your answer in a blank Google Drive document. Then, after you've typed your answer in Google, you can copy/paste it into the assignment form that is linked in #1. 

What you'll be graded on

Need Extra Help?

  • Go back and look at the minilesson, as there's an example answer there that'll show you how to get at least a 3.
  • Check out these lessons, which give a ton of information about comparing and contrasting settings in a story.

Finish early?