English for September 26, 2013

posted Sep 26, 2013, 4:14 AM by mister maxim
Hey fifth graders! You have some fun, important, and educational things to do today. 

1. First, complete the "do now" below...

2. Next, please explore the scootpad.com website. Explore whatever you want! To see what your username is, click here. Everyone's passwoord is inwood.

You're going to be beta-testers of the Scootpad website for IAL. This means that you're the only class who will be using Scootpad, and you're going to help me figure out if it would be a good website for the whole school to use. Being a beta-tester means that you get access to cool, new stuff before other people. However, it also means that we may eventually lose access to Scootpad. If the trial period goes well, we will keep using the website, but if it goes poorly, we will probably stop using it. 

ps. Look at Lisa eating peas!