English for October 8, 2013

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Write a summary that includes the main idea and at least two supporting details.

We've learned about main idea, supporting details, and annotating, and now we're going to put it all together. Today, you'll learn how to write a summary that includes those three things.

Mr. Maxim will walk you through how to write a summary during class on Monday. He'll show you his steps for writing a summary. Since your first step for writing a summary is to read and annotate the article you'll summarize, he'll show you an example of how to read and annotate an article. Finally, you can use this information to write a summary, and Mr. Maxim will show you this example in class. 

Today's assignment

  1. You should read and annotate your article today. Mr. Maxim will have printed copies for you. Notice that you'll be reading the same article you read last week.
    •  If you're in the pink group, please read and annotate this article.
    • If you're in the green group, please read and annotate this article.
    • check here if you're not sure what group you're in. Remember, groups are mainly based off your reading color. 
  2. After we read and annotate that article, you should answer these questions.

What you'll be graded on

  1. Have you read and annotated (circled, underlined, and highlighted) the article?
  2. Have you answered the question?
  3. Did you write at least four sentences?
What should my answer look like?

Take a look at Mr. Maxim's example summary, which we went over in class.

Need Extra Help?

  • Reread the mini-lesson above, making sure to click through all the links.

Finish early?

  1. Check out the useful links tab on the sidebar.
  2. Checkout the extra credit assignments
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