English for November 5, 2013

posted Nov 5, 2013, 4:18 AM by Jeff Maxim

Today, we're going to continue learning how to compare and contrast events in a story.


Compare and contrast events in a story.

Yesterday's mini-lesson was very important and you should reread it here.

Today's assignment

There's two assignments for today:

  1. Finish working on the questions from Meeting Karam. Remember your group. Mild people must finish two questions and hot people must finish three questions. Remember, you can continue working on your questions from yesterday by going to your email and finding your work from yesterday.
  2. We're going to begin reading Following Boo.

What you'll be graded on

  1. Have you answered all parts of the question?
  2. Did you write at least three sentences?
What should my answer look like?

Check out Christina's outstanding answer from Thursday. 

Need Extra Help?

  • You can walk through this lesson, which will show you more about how to compare/contrast events.

Finish early?

  1. Check out the useful links tab on the sidebar.
  2. Checkout the extra credit assignments.