English for November 21, 2013

posted Nov 21, 2013, 4:32 AM by Jeff Maxim   [ updated Nov 21, 2013, 4:32 AM ]

Get ready for tomorrow domain exam on RL5.3, RI5.3, and vocabulary. 

To learn more about RL5.3, you can review this minilesson
To learn more about RI 5.3, you can review this minilesson
For a list of the vocabulary words you need to know, click here

Today's assignment

There's three assignments you need to review today, and you should do them in the order that they're listed below.

  1. Complete you Google Drive Personal Dictionary spreadsheet using these vocabulary words. Make sure you know the definition of each word! They'll be on the domain exam tomorrow!
  2. For RL5.3, Read this story, and then complete these questions. This story and questions are similar to the type of story and questions you'll see tomorrow. 
  3. For RI5.3, Read this article, then complete these questions

What you'll be graded on

  1. Have you answered all parts of the question?
  2. Did you write at least three sentences?

Finish early?

  1. Check out the useful links tab on the sidebar.
  2. Checkout the extra credit assignments.
  3. Go to www.i-ready.com.