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The Newsela summer reading program looks like a lot of fun. I could see a lot of kinds really getting into this!

However, a couple ideas: 

1) Not all our kids have consistent access to computer and/or internets at home, especially those that summer in DR. MOST do, but there's a decent percentage that don't.

2) Common core standards do encourage us to read more nonfiction, but there's still a lot of value in fiction! A study in The Journal of Science recently showed that reading fiction can help with job skills! Fiction makes us smarter and nicer. There's a lot of other awesome reasons to read fiction, which you can see summarized here. Plus, it's just fun!

With those two things in mind, I think we should also have a fiction option available with actual paper books. Something like the Scholastic summer reading challenge is a pretty solid option. Any other ideas for fiction summer reading projects?


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Sounds good to me!


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They receive points for answering questions.  We could do rewards and prizes the first week of school based on their points?  Is everyone ok with going with this?  If so, I need your help creating class lists J


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Yeah that’s a neat idea! Is there any output – a report on one of the articles or something to assign so they’re accountable for not just skimming?


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I like Vanessa's contest idea. I think we should go with that.

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Hey all! 


I would like to assign some sort of reading assignment over the summer.  In the past I have given choices, similar to the book blogging ideas, but wanted your input this year.  I sent an email yesterday sharing what Vanessa Gonsalves is doing for the 7th graders going to 8th.  We can mimic that for the whole school or we can do the other activities.  I feel it is extremely important for student to be reading in the summer and unfortunately if we don’t assign something, they won’t do it.  Any thoughts are welcome J